About us

The company FRATELLI SNC RUSCONI was founded April 1, 1956 by brothers GIULIO and LINO RUSCONI and then in 1989 joined the company the children, respectively ULISSE and ENRICO RUSCONI.

Since the early works, among which are reminiscent of large tanks, a milking machine, and participation with the supply of the iron works of construction of the first Shopping Center in ERBA C.so XXV Aprile, the company FRATELLI RUSCONI SNC has always stood with passion and responsibility for the quality of products and services offered.

The continuous search to improve and expand its market has led them to introduce the production of steel doors and windows aluminum and stainless steel.

We operate in various sectors, private, public, industrial, and so on, to meet the varied needs:
- Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance;
- Restructuring;
- Maintenance;
- Other.

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